AEM Development – How to setup and test your code on local Publisher

Just a quick note on one of the best practices for AEM development; once you are done with development and unit testing in your local “Author” instance, take the time to run your code in a local production “Publish” server prior to releasing it to a client. AEM makes is pretty staright-foward to setup your environment.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to set up the environment in minutes:

  1. Create a folder called “Publish” on your file system
  2. Ensure that a copy of the executable JAR file and the license file are copied in it.
  3. Rename the executable JAR file to “cq-publish-p4503.jar” (without quotes)
  4. Open up a terminal (Mac) or command (Windows) window and type: “java -jar cq-publish-p4503.jar” (without quotes)

Voilla! Your server is up and running. Deploy your custom code and you are all set.

Happy Coding!


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