Using AEM Adaptive forms on AEM JEE

When it comes to using AEM JEE with AEM Adaptive forms, we have to ensure that all Adaptive form variables are mapped to the JEE processes correctly.

The AEM variables are outlined in the “Guide LiveCycle Process Locator and Invoker” bundle which can be viewed by navigating to your AEM instance’s Configuration Manager: http:<server>:<port>/system/console/configMgr

AEM Adaptive form submission variables that need to be mapped to AEM Livecycle vairables

The variables are:

  1. dataxml : contains forms data
  2. fileAttachmentsList : List of file attachments submitted as part of the form submission
  3. documentOfRecord : flat PDF version of the form if setup on the AEM Adaptive form

Once the variables are mapped correctly in AEM JEE process, the data flows seamlessly between Adaptive forms and the JEE processes.

AEM JEE variables mapped to AEM Adaptive form variables

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.